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For assistance with resumes:

  1. Click the menu bar in the top left and navigate to our “Resume Assistance” tab.
  2. Complete the Form. Please upload your indeed or professional resume, if applicable by clicking on “Please Upload your resume” at the bottom of the page. Tip: To ensure that I have all your job history please use the objectives box on the form to include all job history (Position Title, Start & End Dates, Job Location, & Name of the Company)
  3. Click Submit.

Resume Assistance Form:


For additional assistance or 1-on-1 help for a full 30 days or until you receive a job offer:

  1. Navigate to the link below and complete the Job Assistance Form

Job Assistant Request Form:


For assistance with locating legitimate work from home job opportunities:

  1. Click on the menu bar in the top left and navigate to our “Job Listings” tab

Disclaimer: We don’t guarantee employment and some links may stop working due to the job listing being closed.

  1. Scroll and click on the links to apply.

Job listings Page:



Work from Home Tips when applying:


The jobs are virtual/work from home or Hybrid and unless the job description says state restrictions or excludes certain states in the job description, apply ‼️

Disclaimer: No, it’s not for everybody, but for the ones that prefer this option and believe they can do it go for it. 💻

❌🛑❌ There are scams out there and a lot of them look legit, don’t fall for it! Pro Tip: Check the domain (the part of the email after the @ symbol) of the email & don’t click any links you are unsure about! Message the actual company or someone with experience working from home to confirm.

Tip: Don’t use your indeed resume to apply. Some make it through the initial step, but most don’t. That’s my biggest tip for the ones that have been applying and using an indeed resume & no company is moving forward with them.

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